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 admin 2016-09-05 15:27:15 | Hit : 2126
Subject  Urgent Notice Regarding Hanjin Shipping Co.’s Rehabilitation
  Hanjin_Shipbuilding_Court_Receivership.pdf (24.0 KB) Download : 14
  Hanjin_Shipbuilding_Rehabilitation.pdf (24.9 KB) Download : 10
On Wednesday 31 August 2016, Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. (“Hanjin”) applied for rehabilitation with the Seoul Central District Court. On 1 September, the Seoul Central District Court issued a Comprehensive Prevention Order (blocking Hanjin’s creditors from arresting or seizing Hanjin assets) and an Asset Preservation Order (blocking Hanjin’s Trustee from disposing of Hanjin assets or paying debts and ect.). We strongly recommend that any party with possible claims against Hanjin begin to prepare their claims to be filed in coming proceedings. Our firm has filed over USD 10M worth claims on behalf of our clients in the STX Pan Ocean, STX Shipbuilding, and Daebo International court rehabilitation proceedings; we are ready to assist any parties in protecting their interests in the Hanjin proceedings as well.


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